Friends & Family Test Results




The NHS want you to have the best possible experience of care. The NHS Friends and Family Test is a way of gathering your feedback, so we can continually review our service.

It is based on one simple question:

"Overall, how was your experience of our service?"

Your feedback will help us learn more about what you think of your experience – what you like and what you think we could improve. Ultimately, you’re helping us to make changes that will ensure we can offer the best possible care.


FFT Results

Select year:
  • 82% Very good
  • 13% Good
  • 2% Neither good nor poor
  • 1% Poor
  • 2% Very Poor
  • 1% Don't Know
Year-month Very good Good Neither good nor poor Poor Very Poor Don't Know
Nov 2022 102132040
Oct 2022 188236220
Sep 2022 65112011
Aug 2022 67161322
Jul 2022 67111111
Jun 2022 910000
May 2022 501100
Apr 2022 800000
Mar 2022 300000
Feb 2022 600000
Jan 2022 631000
Dec 2021 310000
Nov 2021 640100

Patient feedback

We asked the question:
Why did you choose that response?

Everyone is always lovely and the surgery generally has always been great for me and my children. Thank you!
Posted on: 11/11/2022

Nurse John is incredibly efficient
Posted on: 08/10/2022

Having been with with Churchill medical centre for 25yrs i have always been very happy with the help and advice i have received.
Posted on: 29/09/2022

Professional service and I felt comfortable and safe speaking to the nurse
Posted on: 29/09/2022

Dr Taylor was amazing. She took her time and was also very thorough. Fantastic experience as always thank you
Posted on: 28/09/2022

Although spent a long time on the line trying to get an appt, once spoke to someone had a v quick response from staff and GP. Gp very thorough and communicated well. When left documentation with reception I was informed via text when they were ready.
Posted on: 28/09/2022

We were given appointment promptly the same day. The doctor was very polite and examined my son. Prescribed medication. Overall very happy with professionalism of the doctor.
Posted on: 26/09/2022

GP had an excellent manner and was very thorough and helpful.
Posted on: 18/09/2022

Saw Sarah the nurse very good appointment Went over my blood pressure clearly Thank you you wonderful Sarah
Posted on: 16/09/2022

The nurse that carried out my appointment was good and carried out my checks well.
Posted on: 12/09/2022

In on time. Very helpful receptionist. Blood pressure test and a good helpful chat with Medic who gave me some good advice on hydration and diet. Came out a lot happier than when I went in.
Posted on: 10/09/2022

My doctor surgery is very good prompt I have no complaints about the surgery or People
Posted on: 07/09/2022

Signing process was quick Warm friendly and helpful staff at reception Dr Batchelor came out and greeted me My concerns and views were listen to and o didn’t feel rushed. I felt safe with GP
Posted on: 07/09/2022

Saw Sharon for a routine check, she was very friendly, professional and reassuring.
Posted on: 16/08/2022

Nurse Sharon took time to listen to me and very helpful (giving tips) on good health.
Posted on: 15/08/2022

The male nurse yesterday it was very polite and explains everything as well
Posted on: 13/08/2022

The Nurse was very professional, and provided a very good service.
Posted on: 13/08/2022

Quick friendly and efficient
Posted on: 12/08/2022

I had a great experience, the nurse and doctor I saw were both amazing help. They were very professional and made me feel extremely comfortable.
Posted on: 21/07/2022

Very helpful and friendly checked B/P high weight Blood test
Posted on: 19/07/2022

I had my NHS health check in 14/97/2022. It was done with Henna Khanan she was very professional and explained everything clearly to me. Realised need to change my lifestyle
Posted on: 17/07/2022

I chose this option because the nurse I saw (Bernie) was extremely efficientabd professional in the was she dearth with my appointment.
Posted on: 16/07/2022

The physio was brilliant
Posted on: 15/07/2022

Nurse Catherine was very polite, professional, friendly and made me free at ease.
Posted on: 14/07/2022

The appointment was given within a reasonable timeframe. The Doctor listened attentively and showed that she took my concerns seriously. The Doctor prescribed medication to help with the issue and also made a referral to ENT for further investigation.
Posted on: 13/07/2022

I saw one of the clinical nurses Sarah who was very knowledgeable, effficient and I felt she listened to me.
Posted on: 12/07/2022

Because my Doctor takes the time to listen to my complaint and react accordingly
Posted on: 11/07/2022

I was seen by a doctor who seemed interested in me and my condition. Instead of a person I couldn't really make contact with on the phone.
Posted on: 11/07/2022